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Welcome to BloodyFilm.com, where we live in the past, and it kicks ass.

What is BloodyFilm?

Started in October of 2012, BloodyFilm.com is an online movie blog and collection of film essays that celebrates all things cult and cool on film. Retro flicks, exploitation movies, shock films, foreign cinema, classics, cult faves and flops — it’s all fair game.

Who is BloodyFilm?

Colin McNeil

My name is Colin McNeil, I’m a journalist working and living in Toronto, Ont., Canada and I love movies. That last part should be pretty obvious.

I write about film professionally on and off for a few newspapers and websites here in Canada, but I haven’t met the publication yet that will actually pay me to review and write about my real passion — retro movies. If it’s sci-fi, action, noir or cult, I can’t get enough of it. Films like that have been an interest of mine since childhood. The video store (RIP) was my favourite place when I was a kid, and my parents’ basement viewing room was my temple.

That’s where BloodyFilm comes in. It’s my own online alcove of retro film, my replacement for that childhood video store hangout. If you love movies from the 1980s and ’90s as much as I do, click around and stay a while.

Contact: Colin@bloodyfilm.com, @McNeilColin


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